What is A2B?

A2B is a progressive methodology that transforms humans by equipping them with unconventional training, techniques and tools.

A2B helps humans and companies to:

  • Balance people, planet, and profit.
  • Become more entrepreneurial.
  • Improve the productivity of their workforce.
  • Become transformative leaders.
  • Understand their brains better.
  • Deal with personal truths.
  • Grow their Occupational Intelligence (OI)
  • Lower their anxiety and fear.
  • Increase their willpower and volition.
Moving Humans Cover k

We believe that knowing is inseparable from doing.


This is why the majority of learning that takes place at A2B is experiential learning. A2B makes use of practical tasks and situational challenges as powerful intervention tools to improve human volition and independence.

A2B starts by teaching the inside mechanics of the human brain and how to gain control over the things that are inhibiting people from becoming optimum humans (OH). Furthermore, A2B inspires people to become selfstarters, decision-makers, innovators, initiators, and job-creators.

Occupational Intelligence (OI)

The backbone of A2B is Occupational Intelligence (OI). OI is a broad intelligence that encompasses several other intelligences. Optimal OI involves all the higher-level intelligences such as abstract thinking, problem solving, decision making, emotional understanding, creativity, and adaptation. As the name suggests, OI has directly to do with the "intelligence" that you exhibit when responding to a certain task or challenge. OI measures your performance and gives you metrics by which you can evaluate others and yourself to locate the individual who is most suited for the task at hand or simply just to assist you in increasing your responsiveness as a whole.

Occupational Intelligence (OI) can be measured on the OI 7-Point-Scale. The OI 7-point scale teaches what response-ability, and its accompanying behaviour looks like on the various response levels, progressing from A-levels towards B-levels.

When you respond to a life challenge, and you make it to the next level, your brain develops. You grow new neural pathways, you become resourceful, and your volition increases.

You become more response-ABLE.

Being low on the OI scale at a task only reflects on your proficiency at that task,
not on you as a person.