Volunteer Program to change your brain

 The A2B Ecofarm skilled volunteer program takes place in a beautiful rural area surrounded by plantations, indigenous forests and mountains. 

The skilled volunteer program is essentially a bartering program.

Bartering entails exchanging your time and competent skills such as natural farming, water management and eco-construction etc, for board and lodging. The farm owner will layout your weekly schedule and tasks which will be of high value and priority to the farm at that time. Flexibility is essential as priorities may shift.

Tasks must be completed satisfactorily to maintain the value proposition.

A2B Eco farm provides:

  • Life on a beautiful 50 acre farm.
  • Interaction with sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, donkeys and wildlife.
  • New farming and personal skills.
  • Basic single or shared furnished accommodation (which the volunteer must maintain).
  • Solar power and pure spring water.
  • Fully equipped kitchen with a wood-burning stove and oven, gas stove and gas fridges and freezers.
  • Vegetable gardens, egg-laying chickens, goat's milk, fruit and nut trees.
  • Basic groceries per month, with meat twice a week.
  • Washing machine and facilities.
  • Satellite Wi-Fi.


Training in the A2B Transformation Human Optimisation Program!

Our environment is an 'environment for change' which means a tough-love empowering lifestyle and strong ecosystem management principles which foster constructive body, mind, and spirit practices while keeping destructive influences out.

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Lifestyle and Cost

Your direct cost to the farm is R350 per day (excluding owner's time spent with you). You spend these costs seven days a week for four weeks totalling R9,800 per month.

The volunteer program is offered for a maximum of three months. On the positive side, respectful and high-value individuals may apply for our 6-month internship program after three months. Stipends range from R1,000 to R8,000, depending on competency, volitional level, and collective future vision.

Volunteers and staff have structured rosters for various tasks, including cooking, animal husbandry, grass cutting, and agriculture.

A2B Ecofarm offers a skills bartering deal valued at R 9,800 per month for a period of three months (total value R 29,400). It is not an employment program but a special opportunity for you to take a gap in your life, learn to live off the grid, clear out your cobwebs, secrete more happy hormones than stress hormones, and switch your brain in the right direction.

You will barter 45 productive hours per week and enjoy the beautiful venue for the rest of your leisure time. A2B Ecofarm accommodates up to four capable adults at a time. Once selected, you will be considered an integral part of our farm-family. We operate like a kibbutz; therefore, you are immediately required to adapt to hard labor during the day and rest equally hard during the night (not vice versa). By exerting maximal effort, your body secretes endorphins, and mastering new skills triggers serotonin release, resulting in restful sleep with only natural night sounds, optimising melatonin secretion for your brain.

We deeply care for each other, our ecology, our animals, and our physical resources, particularly valuing the unique A2B values and objectives. We expect you to share our intentional approach to all of the above.

If you fail to contribute value to the farm or negatively affect the ecosystem you will receive immediate confrontation and offered free professional help for improvement. Closed-mindedness, negligence, or heartlessness will result in immediate dismissal.

We practice the A2B "Ecosystem for Change management model," which you must familiarise yourself with and buy into before signing the Volunteers barter agreement and indemnity forms.

We maintain a positive spirit of hope, faith, and love, believing these faculties can create perpetual life. Every volunteer should exude an enthusiastic vibe and strive to live naturally and purposefully.

Due to our national A2B organisation's focus on promoting optimal brain development and recognising addiction as the primary element that destructs body organs, disrupts brain function, depletes finances, and damages relationships, we enforce a zero tolerance policy for addiction practice—except for enjoying our locally brewed ginger beers or fermented fruit juices.

Brain Hardwires

A prerequisite for being chosen to particpate in the program is your Hardwires assessment report followed by an hour of coaching with the owner, valued at R1,000, as a gift to better understand yourself. Check it out here http://www.hardwires.co.za

Interacting with others can be challenging: )  Knowing the "why" behind your actions can help you respond in ways that don't trigger negative responses. These are called hardwires.

Understanding my Hardwires.

There are 16 behavioural Hardwires that develop every second that we are in a state of fear or experience a sense of "I am not ok". In understanding the cause and effect of these Hardwires, we are able to rewire, because of the remarkable neuroplasticity of our brains.

Hardwires occur when we believe or do something often enough that our brain does it automatically. Every hardwire that we develop is caused by something, and every hardwire will have a direct effect on how we behave. Hardwires develop through both nature and nurture and are manifested by our primitive brains. Hardwires can often hold us back from being the best version of ourselves and certainly plays a huge role in causing lots of problems for couples all around the world.

Understanding your Hardwires will immediately give you insight into the "WHY" of your personality and behavioural patterns.

You will:

    • Gain a better understanding of yourself and embrace things about others you didn't understand before.
    • Realise why you reason the way you do and why your reasoning style is effective in certain scenarios and not in others.
    • Learn to play to your strengths.
    • Become more forgiving of other's shortcomings.
    • Learn how to choose your words and timing carefully to manage another persons responses.
    • Grow your Occupational Intelligence

The Final Word

Please bring:

  • Bedding, pillows, and linen.
  • Toiletries, soap, toilet paper, washing machine powder, and snacks.
  • Prescribed Meds and Doctors Prescription.
  • Personal safety and rain clothing.

You are required to:
*Have Medical and funeral cover providing for all necessities in case of accidents or death.

*Provide for your transportation to and from the farm however upon your arrival we will pick you up from Richmond town (at the Phuma garage) with prior arrangement.

Provide for personal needs, leisure opportunities, etc.

So get out of your comfort zone. 

Our natural environment offer a restorative change from your daily routines, providing an opportunity to gain a fresh outlook. Nature has a way of providing clarity and perspective, helping individuals understand what truly matters. Spending quality alone-time is a key part of program.

This is not an escape from your life - it's your introduction to your new  one.

Take action - book your adventure now!

Please WhatsApp Viv on +27 0810682652 or Hugh on +27 0768374361 if you are interested and want to know more.
We look forward to meeting you