Human Optimisation Boot Camp

Turn your life around and find Freedom and Peace at the A2B Eco farm

Are you ?

.       Feeling hopeless and helpless for any reason whatsoever

·        Living with fear, anxiety and/or depression

·        Dependent upon alcohol and substance abuse or recovering from it.

·        Living in an unloving/dysfunctional family or relationship

·        Experiencing a recent or current relationship breakdown

·        Dependent upon other people to survive

Have you ?

Sought help and transformation through various methods like mindfulness counselling, rehab and medication yet find yourself at a standstill?

If this describes you then the Human Optimisation Boot Camp is for you.

It's time to explore your 'volition' - the innate power that fuels action and sustainable wellbeing.

Who you will become

·        A person who is intrinsically motivated to be responsible, adaptive, and who                  contributes in everything you do.

·        A renewed confident human being facing life with optimism.

·        Empowered with the tools and ongoing support from us to embrace the future.



Who and Where is A2B ?

A2B is a movement founded by Vivienne Schultz that, above all else promotes human optimisation. Operating for 25 years A2B offers innovative solutions to multiple sectors of society to help transform their people from a state of dependency to a state of independence. More about Viv

The Bootcamp is held at the beautiful and remote A2B Eco farm in Byrne Valley KwaZulu-Natal amidst  breath-taking landscapes on a working farm.

With a focus on practical activities, experiential learning, and real-world application, you will be well-equipped to face whatever challenges come your way.
For detailed information on the Human Optimisation Bootcamp  - Coming soon but until then please email Hugh at

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Embark on your journey of Self-Discovery with our Online Hardwires Assessment a transformative experience in itself.

This assessment is a prerequisite for selection for the A2B Eco farm HO Bootcamp and is followed by an insightful one on one 45-minute coaching session.

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