A2B offers a MEASURING TOOL as well as a METHODOLOGY to build occupational intelligence.

If you have ever found yourself or your employees getting stuck in the angst resulting from challenges, or unable to problem-solve using both the analytical and synthesising parts of the brain, A2B is the tool to get you unstuck.


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Shake up your life!

If you find yourself at a dead-end, or feel stuck in your habits and do not see results after years of hard work, you need a paradigm shift. You need to get from A (dependency) to B (dignity).
This set of courses will help you discover how to become the changemaker you have always wanted to be – thinking and acting in respons-able ways. 

Power-up your company!

Never regret an appointment again! The A2B methodology will help you select the right person for the task, and to build an environment where employees help make your business fulfill its potential. 

Ignite change in the most explosive situations

An internationally acknowledged leadership certificate that builds unbreakable minded managers, and equips them with practical transformative tools in the fields of change leadership, task-man fit performance motivation, experiential learning and social entrepreneurship.

This certificate course offers a unique paradigm of organizational development, coaching & volition provoking that radically em-POWERS your workplace, learning environment and community.

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Turn A2B into a career

Once you have completed the A2B Responsive Leadership certificate, you can qualify to use the A2B methodology and tools as a trainer or assessor. Use A2B to reach children, train parents, upskill entrepreneurs or build resilient businesses.

Give while you receive

Give your life purpose a boost by volunteering on the A2B Farm for a minimum of two months. You will receive free training in the A2B methodology, while contributing to the success of the human change movement by working on the A2B Farm, kibbutz-style.

Ready for a radical overhaul of your life?

Turn yourself around in three months after a traumatic, dead-end experience. Discover how to move from:

  • being a dependent job seeker to an independent job creator
  • having limiting beliefs of yourself  & making poor choices to high self-drive and integrated choice-making abilities.

Tools to turn kids into self-starters

Finally, children CAN come with a manual! Enable your children to become the changemakers our society needs. Our Kids Camps and parenting courses have a measurable track record of building responsiveness in children and families.
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"I am more than convinced that every human has the potential to train their brain to be responsive to the task and challenge at hand, just like athletes train their muscles to perform. A2B is a solution to poverty and disempowerment that I gladly dedicate myself to."

Vivienne has been empowering disadvantaged communities in entrepreneurship since 1999. She holds a post graduate degree in human science and an international teacher certificate from Babson College, Massachusetts. She is a social entrepreneur, Ashoka Fellow (www.ashoka.org) and founder of the A2B Transformation Movement.

Vivienne has a firm grip on the academics of human volition, but has a remarkable gift to translate neuro-science into practical steps for ordinary people. She lives on the A2B farm in Magaliesburg, South Africa, with her husband and what she calls her assistants - a wild assortment of geese, ducks, and other farm animals. With the help of everyone - and everything - on the farm, she offers a common-sense experiential learning style to understanding life, and on how to live your life to the fullest.

She gives the mechanical-mathematical left brainers and the creative right brainers new perspectives and crutches for competency. She assures every single person of their unique fit and disposition to succeed. Vivienne shares the necessary tools to live a 1000-times happier life, succeed in relationships and heal your own mental and physical state. 


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Sometimes we need to be "human doings" - we need to respond to the challenge at hand. This makes us response-able. If you need a next step, follow this handy advice -

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