Transformation Leadership Course (TLC)

Module 5

Summative Assessment

The Purpose Of This Module

The purpose of this module is to submit the learner to a summative assessment that incorporates all four modules of the A2B Transformative Leadership Course (A2B - TLP) In order to receive the Transformation Leadership Certificate, the Summative Assessment will be conducted within your ecosystem of choice and influence, by A2B Transformation Movement Assessors, where your purpose is to provide evidence within a 120 minute session that you have "conceived, believed, are talking, walking and achieving the A2B Transformation Movement principals, fundamentals and methodology.

General Learning Outcomes For This Module

After experiencing this module you will be able to do the following:

  • Submit a Portfolio of Evidence (POE) of all the homework you needed to do during the first four modules of the A2B - TLP.

  • Prepare for a 120 minutes session where you will perform all the tasks below providing evidence of your transition to a B1 level:

    • Provide a video with a client where you are moving the human being from A2 to A3 OI levels and where the client testifies to their shift.
    • Present an audit of your own ecosystem irrespective of whether it is a (e4c↑ or e4c↓), including a presentation of the change that you have affected as a transformative provocateur.
    • Highlight the areas in the preceding outcome that need improvement.
    • Provide the remedial steps you plan to follow in achieving the improvement above.
    • Present your string tool for the latest comprehensive project that you intend to implement with at least 4 pillar tasks.
    • Provide evidence of your own personal re-volition journey.
    • Present your own challenges and successes with the aid of your latest Hardwires Assessment report, your Hardwires interpretation notes and your reflection on your Hardwires interpretation at hand.

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