RL Modules 1-4



Personal Optimisation

You embark on a serious re-engineering process during which you become conscious of the interplay between HARDWIRES™ and your responsiveness to tasks and other humans. You will learn to measure your own occupational responsiveness level and understand how to adapt it in all areas of your life, from your relationships to your work. This out of comfort zone experiential workshop will show you how to harness the bio-mechanics of your mind. This is the first step in the magnificent journey towards RESPONSIVE LEADERSHIP.

Become conscious of the inner neurology causing your responsiveness levels.

  • Assess of your Occupational Intelligence levels in action:
  • Assess your prognosis for change;
  • Engage in OI activity circuits (practical challenges that build neural pathways)
  • Learning how to become OI smart, the neurological growth path towards an optimum human
  • Get your journey map going towards the best human you can be, with the A2B Movement as your power-partner.
  • Learn how to develop the skills and adaptive responsiveness that you need to boldly take on 21st century challenges, e.g. agility, grit, purposeful vision, etc.
  • Develop integrity (personal development from inside out – dealing with your 4 levels of neurological development incl. reflexes, perceptual / sensory, primitive brain and whole brain).

Ecosystems of Change

We all want our workplaces and even our homes to thrive, we want everyone within these spaces to be entrepreneurial and co-owning the goals with enthusiasm, don’t we?

We live in exciting times!

Mankind is undergoing a quantum ideological shift from a hierarchical mentality to a network mentality and rapid adaption has become a primary precursor to success.

You will learn how to create a milieu, an ecosystem where each individual owns specific roles unconditionally, proudly consciously a cog in the achievement of the End Result. Where the bird is the bird and the worm is fully the worm and all the organisms work towards the common goal of success, impact, profit, development and sustainable happiness.

This course contains critical organisational development skills:

  • Strategies for transforming your organisation into an Ecosystem of Change instead of chance;
  • Components of an Ecosystem of Change;
  • Designing an Ecosystem of Change;
  • Factors that cause break-down in an Ecosystem of Change;
  • Setting boundaries in an Ecosystem of Change;
  • Facilitating participants to take ownership of their development process and performance management;
  • Positioning people, tasks and systems for optimal value within the Value Exchange Bank.

Human Optimisation Operating System (HOOS)

A pre-designed conscious environment with its unique language and empower / employee toolkits and systems that promote and drive maximal human development and empowerment.

Companies pay an arm and a leg for every possible system that optimizes tasks and controls e.g. SAP, Oracle. For the first time you will learn about systemisation of ecosystems to drive Occupational Intelligence of individuals, linked to the co-ownership in their company. Humans in workplaces become the mechanics of their own minds and are enthused by the structure to move from A to B.

This revolutionary model is called HOOS.


Task Man Fit

You will learn to apply the laws of responsiveness.

Where the task is the spark that ignites the volition of the human being, driving the quality of the successful task completion, affecting business growth.


TASK-MAN-FIT assessment in a sustainable manner on the continuum
from non-responsive to response-able.

  • Cracking humans into consciousness.
  • Identifying the signs of tipping points and translating these into profit.
  • Group empowerment principles, buddy systems, “crutches” for competence.
  • Task-man fit and “I can” moments!
  • The symbols, terms and tools of the TASK-MAN-FIT science, ensuring seamless forward moving congruent actions and co-ownership.
  • Assessing the OI task performance levels of disempowered people, corporate people and wealthy people
  • Organisational success
  • Developing a task bank for every task in an ecosystem for flop proof operations and replication
  • Transforming the role of management (or parents) into volition provocateurs

From Leader to Social Entrepreneur

This module is the catharsis, the tipping points of the executive functions of your brain.

Your ability to think out of the box will evolve to being able to balance stability, productivity, initiative, and creative compassion.

  • Become a value driven, reflective, catalyst;
  • Develop integrity (neurological integration of the left and right hemispheres);
  • Let go of the negative effects of the primitive brain;
  • Develop emotional intelligence through Whole brain integration;
  • Develop an empathetic orientation;
  • Demonstrate courage in doing the right thing instead of merely doing things right;
  • Become authentically decisive with the ability to practice integrated choice making;
  • Learn competent responsiveness: Response-able (high volition, low anxiety); experience autonomous responsiveness (opposed to dependent, entitled, so-called leaders);
  • Become idea- and opportunity orientated;


  • Through Occupational Intelligence development (volition) you could learn anything new and drive any business task; the only real way of approaching entrepreneurship.
  • Understand that, by simply training and qualifying people in the theory of entrepreneurship and venture creation is not going to turn them into go-getters, self-starters, decision makers and problem solvers, these capacities are based in perpetual, real, just-right life challenges that build the neurology underlying Occupational Intelligence.
  • Become highly competitive in your responsiveness (innovative, driven, novel);
  • Gain tangible practical entrepreneurial tools that replace the tiresome written business plan.


  • Develop the ability to balance compassion for people with the ability to generate profit;
  • Learn contributive responsiveness “I am because we are!”;
  • Learn adaptive responsiveness;
  • Develop unstoppable drive;
  • Be unconstrained by the past and the social construct.
  • Be able to minimise fear/anxieties in bigger mass hysteria and to enthuse their volition;
  • Re-engineer society, and create systemic change;
  • Eventually become unconscious of your competence by developing authentic humility;
  • Command Belief, Hope, Vision, Meaning and Conviction!