Earn 10% of R550,00 for every paid HARDWIRES assessment. (So for example, if you want to earn R 20 000- per month, sell 500 hardwires. )

Hook a few recruitment agents, or big companies to use hardwires assessments, and you earn passive income.

Hardwires office will reconcile every three months and send you the option to PAY out or BANK the profit in the VEB. If your sales average more than 20 a month, then a monthly payment will kick in.

Earn 10% when you sell a HARDWIRES workshop at R 8000- ngo/church and R 15 000- business per workshop (excluding travel, accommodation and 1 meal.)

This is the ideal product to flog and promote online (your website management is for your own cost). T’s and C’s apply

Please talk to us about your business idea in this regards. Also let us know what marketing materials you require?

We hope you all become agents, forever and always.

A2B is the new cool kid in the block, and we will seize every opportunity to develop the most innovative solutions for human optimisation. You are the trailblazers- so you have the first option to benefit financially. However, a2b fundamentally believes that humans are given challenges and have to respond of their own volition