The A2B responsive leadership program takes the Changemaker and their enterprise on board a revolutionary journey of change for a dedicated six months from which the Changemaker will emerge transformed and empowered and their enterprise will emerge fully incubated and operational.

This most certainly is for you if you want to:

  • reinvent yourself
  • practice what you preach
  • become the change you want to see in the world
  • set up an ecosystem for change in your organisation/project
  • make a shift in your career by transforming into a response-able entrepreneur

How response-ABLE is your brain?

The Responsive Leadership Program is a practical, cutting edge change-leadership course, specialising in the applied science of Occupational Intelligence (attaining optimum productivity and sustainable well-being on an occupational and spiritual level.  

Neuroplasticity applied like nowhere else in the world, redressing disempowerment with a whole new language and providing you with innovative tool kits to help you to reach your leadership goals.

Recruit for the Responsive Leadership and earn a 10% off the total amount that you pay. If you pay R15 000 – you’ll receive R1 500 off on your course. So, go all out and recruit 10 people who pay in full and you can have your program for free. The monetary fee you pay, is what you get the 10% discount on.

Radical Leadership

Embark on this journey and transform into a social entrepreneur and a more radical kind of leader who effects change, leading a growing social entrepreneurial venture into the fourth industrial revolution with the ability to optimise all people in your wake whilst simultaneously running a profitable business.

Ecosystem for Change

Reinvent your environments by designing Ecosystems for Change where power-partners co-own the End Result.

Personal Development

Experience deep personal development on a fundamental level by growing your neural pathways and developing your whole-brain.

Drive Your Volition

Acquire novel intervention methods to drive the volition of humans from all sectors of society, moving them from dependency to dignity.

A2B recognises that the dependency of humans lie beneath their unconscious state of entitlement.

When it rains most birds head for shelter. The EAGLE is the only bird that, in order to avoid the rain, flies above the clouds.


Cape town

Module 1
4-6 May 2019

Module 2
15-17 June 2019

Module 3
20-22 July 2019

19-23 August 2019
(4-hour session)

Module 4
11-13 November 2019
(Travel to Lesotho)


Module 1
27-29 April 2019

Module 2
31 May – 2 June 2019

Module 3
29 June – 1 July 2019

9-13 September 2019
(4-hour session)

Module 4
11-13 November 2019
(Travel to Lesotho)


Module 1
25-27 May 2019

Module 2
22-24 June 2019

Module 3
27-29 July 2019

1-4 October 2019
(4-hour session)

Module 4
11-13 November 2019
(Travel to Lesotho)

All provinces to complete the last module (module 4) at the Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho...

Followed by the SOAR Global Conference

Bring your business or cause along

Course Breakdown

This program spans over a total of 15 days and is made up of 4 modules (all are prerequisite) and a summative assessment of application in your business, work or project.

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Course Breakdown:

What does the future look like with an A2B Responsive Leadership Program Certificate?

Once you’ve qualified, you become a Power Partner of the A2B Transformation Movement forever! It’s a multidimensional movement for all, continuously accumulating a body of knowledge with innovative tools and resources to be shared among the Power Partners.

Social enterprises, projects, programmes, ministries and human optimisation practitioners should have an inter-sector PARENTING environment where they can escape to (on the A2B farms) or get objective support, far beyond only their own sectors.

  • Hardwires™ Assessors and Coaches
  • A2B Role Model ECD Practitioners

Running an ECD compliant to A2B Eagle-raising principles that will become the sought after ECD’s

  • Kids Camp Facilitators

Junior (kids who qualified), Senior and Master camp facilitators

  • Eagle Hub Staff

Strategists, transformative product developers, program facilitators, parent trainers & mentors

  • Accredited A2B Training Providers

Potential SAQA Assessor training, trainers in the corporate industry, trainers within NGO’s etc.

Flights, transport and accommodation is not included and needs to be arranged at you own accord.

Accommodation at the Afriski Mountain Resort, Lesotho