After 25 years of seeking the most effective and truthful intervention methods to enhance human optimization and sustainable wellbeing, through action research and deep socio-economic development work with thousands of people in Southern Africa, A2B Transformation Movement has made a breakthrough and developed the fully accredited HOOSHuman Optimisation Operating System!

A2B Moves you from:

  • Dependence (A levels) to independence (B Levels) and dignity
  • Irresponsible or non-responsive to response-ABLE
  • Carrot and stick driven to self-driven
  • Consumer to contributor
  • Imitator to innovator



  • Job-seeker to job creator (entrepreneur)
  • Fault-finder to whole brain reasoner
  • Resistant and reactive to responsive and adaptive
  • Conformist to autonomous socio-economic choice-maker
  • Hardwired to rewired and growth driven

Radical Leadership

Embark on this journey and transform into a social entrepreneur and a more radical kind of leader who effects change, leading a growing social entrepreneurial venture into the fourth industrial revolution with the ability to optimise all people in your wake whilst simultaneously running a profitable business.

Ecosystem for Change

Reinvent your environments by designing Ecosystems for Change where power-partners co-own the End Result.

Personal Development

Experience deep personal development on a fundamental level by growing your neural pathways and developing your whole-brain.

Drive Your Volition

Acquire novel intervention methods to drive the volition of humans from all sectors of society, moving them from dependency to dignity.