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SOAR Global Conference

Join a forum with global leaders, social entrepreneurs, innovators and activists from all sectors to share and explore innovative solutions and best practices. 

Access the latest developments and trends in Occupational Intelligence, Skills Development, Neuroplasticity, Human Volition and Social Entrepreneurship. 

Partake in a life-changing event of learning, networking and socializing alongside the world’s most inspiring leaders and changemakers.

be a responsive leader

Is social entrepreneurship your highest aspiration? Do you know that it requires growth, self-actualization, health, identity and autonomy and a yearning for excellence?

Become the leader and social entrepreneur you always envisioned you could be by applying to this qualification today. 


We love to share the love. Here are some of our treasured testimonials from our fulfilled ‘transformees’.

Malehloa Sello, Reception
Thembela Nzuzo, Restaurant
Beverley Daguise, General Manager
Puseletso Mahlakajoe, Housekeeping Manager

The most important days of your life are

the day you are born,, the day you find out why,, the day you fly!!!

Adapted from Mark Twain’s Famous Quote


I am a strong believer in revolutionary transformation. The A2B Transformation Movement plays a major role in transforming people’s mindsets young and old, from disadvantaged or underprivileged backgrounds exactly where I hail from...Empowerment of their minds is the vital missing component because it equips young and old with inner power to drive the knowledge and skills they learn – in this way they unleash inner abilities and capabilities through the power of their own will. I have witnessed in the A2B programs in Lesotho how successful it is to every individual.

We live in Africa where people have a lack of self-belief, low self-esteem, nonresponsive, fearful and afraid to face challenges. The A2B Transformation plays a major role in assisting people to think beyond an average level & into believing each and every individual true a right mentality can achieve or accomplish anything they aim too. A mentality that is able to spot opportunity’s, seize & strike. The knowledge shared helps people to become self-dependent and into becoming entrepreneurs that will create sustainable meaningful organizations or businesses for future generations. In working environments & in life, in general, we need this A2B mindset of eagles to succeed.

Thembela Nzuzo

A2B has enabled me to realize my untapped potential. The capacity I have to seize the moments and make the best of every opportunity, I learnt from A2B.

Millicent Moseneke

I was shy, I could look people in the face. I grew up between family members who taught me very little. A2B exposed me to a whole new world and kick-started my life journey as a more confident, self-sufficient individual.

Granny Gabanethlaka

I was jobless when I enrolled into the A2B Program at the age of nineteen. I felt helpless because I had no skills or support to drive me forward. Today I am a local businessman and community leader (ward counselor) and am so grateful to A2B for breaking my dependency and boosting my purpose.

Tsepho Mabula

Working with A2B was the best experience in my life so far. It kept me out of my comfort zone and exposed me to the truth of life. Only after I left to raise my child, did I realise the depth of the Organisation.

Moreblessing Ndudzo

I contracted polio as a child and now walk with crutches. Growing up in a close-minded traditional community with limted beliefs, I was always told that I was disabled and not as able as others. I enrolled with A2B when I was 22 years old and have never looked back since. I now believe that I am able to do anything, regardless of my "disability". I started my own business and am supported by The Hope Factory. Thank you to Vivienne Schultz (CEO, A2B) for believing in my potential from a young age.

Madoda Jelo